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A grace note is used in music to add interest, deepen a sound, or add emotion. All creating change to the written music. My grace notes are side steps in my daily walk as I ponder ‘grace’ in 2012. Grace can change lives. It changed my life because it is freely offered by my Saviour.

Make It Count

The last page was written in the concluding chapter of the ‘Book of 2015’. It wasn’t an easy book to complete. There was illness, deep pain, sorrow, challenge, and never ending heartache. My beloved and I have never experienced anything … Continue reading

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‘Remember Me With Mercy’

I had a light bulb moment yesterday. It happened during a discussion with a group of ladies that I am getting to know here ‘on the lake’. It was so powerful I had to stop and write down the statement … Continue reading

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Humility is a Necessity

I was challenged in my thinking about grace today by my Number One Son in Love. We were speaking about difficult circumstances in life and how we need grace to abound. We discussed options in our approaches. The spiritual options, … Continue reading

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