Looking for Mozart

Friday, June 27, 2014

Two pieces of trivia from Salzburg:

1) Red Bull is owned by a native son.
2) Salt retained the city’s wealth (salz)

The morning sky was dotted with dollops of Bavarian cream promising a wonderful day in Salzburg. We slept late leaving no option but the ‘typical Euro breakfast’ behind.

We decided to navigate Salzburg streets with our Harley as we were told parking options were easy. It took a couple of attempts – one directly across from the police station where a kind motorcyclist revealed he had just received a parking ticket for the same idea. We thanked him and went off in search of another spot. Finally we found cheap parking in a secure location.

With a little walking along the river to Mozart Place and we were ready to embrace whatever was before us. We found our starting point at the information centre where we decided to dine and attend a Mozart concert at Mirabell Palace. With that in place, we were able to meander through Old Town, eat lunch and exist as tourists. As the day wore on we decided to find our way to Spiegl Brau where we would be dining. What a pleasant surprise to find a beautiful patio enclosed by trees – a restful place for coffee and reading prior to dinner. Austrians are so easygoing and very ‘okay’ with us simply hanging out, while we awaited our dinner time. It was so peaceful to read and just ‘be’. My beloved said he was having a wonderful day and it made me so happy to think he was absorbing the lighthearted Austrian attitude.

Once ready for dinner, we enjoyed the cuisine once again – generous servings of food and very accommodating service. Austrians don’t bring the bill – you have to ask for it – we had to pay for our drinks on the patio, otherwise all service was included.

We strolled with the locals back to Mirabell gardens and read in the middle of a fragrant rose garden until concert time. I could hear their rehearsal music wafting through the evening air. We were excited to get inside the marble hall to hear the evening’s presentation – the next hour and a half floated by like a dream. A string quartet and pianist offered Mozart and Haydn with great joy. since it was late, we hustled out of the palace, along the river for almost 40 minutes.

Salzburg is a very social city. We were surrounded by music, culture and simple fun. T here was great lighting, very relaxed – completely comfortable. A perfect summer evening.

Now expert in the city – my beloved navigated the Harley through quiet streets. I told him the sheer noise of the beast would awaken Mozart himself!

With Starbucks, lunch, drinks at Speigl Brau and the most delightful concert in Mozart’s hometown – it was E175 – but an even larger deposit in our memory bank.


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