Grandson and Fire

I was excited with all my might and main. My grandson was coming for his inaugural visit to the lake! What would I cook? What treats should I have in store? How many activities can we jam into a ‘less than twenty four hour period’?

My grandson is a newly minted teenager, so the activities have to be a little adventurous and active. He has a wonderful sense of humour, and so teasing Nana will be part of the weekend, to be sure. We purchased a basketball and gathered the right amount of wood to be burned so that a fire can finish the day. S’mores….

I was becoming more anxious, waiting for his arrival. I love this guy so much. He’s a nice person who likes to have fun – the world could use a few more just like him! I decided to watch a Pioneer Woman episode on TV to help pass the time.

Finally, the familiar booming voice (even though it hasn’t changed, ‘yet’) was filling my house like the new CD player recently purchased. I paused for just a moment as the sound felt unfamiliar in my new surroundings, but a second later it coalesced – he is here!

I just took it in – his running around the house, asking questions and laughing. It felt SO GOOD to have him here – like it is how it should be – we’ve spent so much time together in the past. I offered snacks like chocolate chip cookies, ice cream – all the ‘Nana stuff’. We chatted so much. Before long it was time to get the basketball and go off to burn off some steam.

Happily, I remained in the kitchen to prep the evening meal while Papa took the next leg of the visit. I felt complete, making food and preparing for dinner. When they returned, with everything ready, we sat to enjoy a meal together, celebrating family and our special relationship.

With so much to do, we could only begin a Scrabble game before it was time to set out for the beach to watch the golden sunset. Papa built a big fire in the backyard and our grandson used his creativity to take photos and apply hilarious captions for Instagram with his iPod. We laughed so hard at how he portrayed Papa as a caveman discovering fire. What a guy!

The sunset did not disappoint. more Instagramming with some incredible shots and we were ready for the fire, the next step in the entertainment program. We loved it’s warmth and chatted more while watching the embers glowing like lava.

We watched a movie, had some hugs, more snacks and sleep time…before it was my joy to prepare a yummy breakfast with LOTS of bacon before church.

As with all things wonderful…time rushed on and it was one last hug to draw the fun to a close. We were so blessed to have him come to the lake house.

Did I mention he brought adults with him? We like them too 🙂 Thanks for coming guys – do it often, please 🙂


About Diary of a Changed Woman

Living a blessed life in Canada with my husband on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron. I work as a Human Resources consultant to small business. I love my family - our grandchildren are the loves of my life. I'm a change agent personally and professionally. Change is what I'm about - no matter what!
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