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‘Remember Me With Mercy’

I had a light bulb moment yesterday. It happened during a discussion with a group of ladies that I am getting to know here ‘on the lake’. It was so powerful I had to stop and write down the statement … Continue reading

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Something Old…Something New

It’s amazing how time has passed to the point that my beloved and I are celebrating 36 years of marriage. You accumulate the years like notches on a growth chart and before you know it – a very long line … Continue reading

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Grandson and Fire

I was excited with all my might and main. My grandson was coming for his inaugural visit to the lake! What would I cook? What treats should I have in store? How many activities can we jam into a ‘less … Continue reading

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Fresh Starts

It’s been a long time…a really long time. Life can send you on detours that are beyond your wildest imagination. My detour has lasted a year, basically. While an explanation might seem fitting, to replay the ‘DVD’ of my history … Continue reading

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