From Beach to Bones – Day 8 Portugal

Monday dawned with the possibility of more exploration. Beach towns such as Armacao de Pera require early exploration to ensure parking and positioning. Think – any beach town in Ontario – a la Portuguese. Tacky and crowded. However – this town really began as a fishing village as it is accessible at a street level and the 100 foot cliffs at a far distance. We are greeted by sardine fishermen holding court with interested turistos (us) while they deftly repair their nets for the next day. Boats are also bobbing on the sea, working for the catch of the day. Bass, sardines, sole, bream, monkfish to name a few abound in these coves.

This beach is a 5 km (one way) walk – and we tackle it with fervor. Beach exercise in warm water is the only way I wish to do it. This beach is packed – not with sunbathers, but with walkers! The beaches are virtually empty – tons of space for umbrellas, traffic lights required at the seashore! We ‘plough’ through the waves thinking what great exercise. The sun, sand, sea make for an awesome morning. Being a little too far from our own kitchen, we walked a few streets back in search of traditional Portuguese food for lunch. We were not disappointed at A Grelha (est. 1969). A family kitchen making carob bread that you can’t stop eating. Fresh bowl of olives and …oh…..we order lunch too? homemade tomato soup – like Mom made it this morning, Algarve salad (onion, tomato, green pepper) and clams in pork. YIKES! We will not have siesta today, so we better ‘walk it off’. Kitchy beach shops, people in the alleys taking cover from the blazing sun and we decide to press on to Alcantarhila – a tiny town that house a chapel built entirely of the bones of 1500 people from a displaced cemetary in the 16th century (‘The Bone Chapel’ – Google it). It was awe inspiring, creepy and very solemn as we observe the skulls, femurs, tibias from these precious people from so long ago. This was a very worthwhile stop.

Time is passing so quickly in The Algarve. We must complete our nick nack shopping for our loved ones. We think about them and miss them every day. We decided to do the farewell tour of the Algarve Shopping Mall. My Beloved does the ‘man thing’ and finds a shady spot to rest – catching a later siesta. We join up and easily make our way to the main mall and buy some things we hope our loved ones enjoy. The sun is drooping – it does that about 6 and we head home, satisfied, tired and happy. We reviewed our careful selections, reviewed the movie possibilities for the evening, snacked, read, wrote and waited for thr undeniable clamour of the ‘return of the wolf pack’.

As expected – it’s time now, to close the deep green shutters on today – yet another wondrous day in Portugal.


About Diary of a Changed Woman

Living a blessed life in Canada with my husband on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron. I work as a Human Resources consultant to small business. I love my family - our grandchildren are the loves of my life. I'm a change agent personally and professionally. Change is what I'm about - no matter what!
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