In Search of Rest

May 5, 2011 In Search of Rest

The morning at the Pennsylvania farmhouse yielded refreshment as bluebirds (and no doubt robins) reminded us that 5 A.M. is an acceptable hour to be awake. Since our North Carolina Wandering is about nourishing our body and soul, we determined to let our bodies remain in the homey embrace of the house until at least our eyes opened at will. Day 1 – I’m so tired, Lord.

Extremely hopeful about the next leg of our journey – destination Outer Banks, North Carolina – we took our sweet time getting ready – already soaking in the lush Pennsylvania farmland. So soft – so warm – like a huge green blanket to wrap around our souls in comfort.

Motivated by our rumbling tummies, we set out to conquer a local ‘Dunkin Donuts’ – without success. My on again/off again relationship with our GPS is officially ‘off’ – again. We entered McDonald’s at least excited about good coffee, only to be immediately shut down with ‘It’s 11 oh five”. I left in my ‘big city snit’, my Beloved more needy and alas more patient, pursued a conversation with an older employee about local, available fare.

The next series of events I will describe only as God’s providence. We were recommended to go to Annamarie’s Place in Royersford, PA. You all know the place. It’s small town USA, on Main Street, where the coffee’s hot, the welcome is genuine and the food is out of this world. The menu challenged us if we ate 3 pancakes, its ‘on the house’. This was true insight into the workings of how Annamarie does it up. So it goes – we have to sample 1 pancake each, as we pride ourselves on making the best buttermilk pancakes – ever. The do-rag signature of the effervescent Annamarie tells us she is a character. Hard working, kind and willing to accept the pancake challenge right then and there. My Beloved orders the chocolate coconut and I virtuously order blueberry (for health reasons, you know). With our second cup of coffee in progress, the eggs, bacon and the PANCAKE (should be in 32 inch font) arrives. The size of the pancake alone would be sufficient to create a lunar eclipse. EAT 3 ??? How about eat 1 ? My Beloved tucked into his Bounty Bar pancake saying it absolutely exceeded his expectations. His silence through the goey choco-coconut confection confirmed it.

Annamarie is a semi-finalist in Macy’s Million Dollar Makeover ( and she needs our votes on May 9 repeatedly to push her forward to the finalist round. Her dream is to open a dinner restaurant – she will be incredibly successful. I can see by simply eating her pancake of out of this world proportions that anything she does will be big, delicious and served with great love. Will you help me – to help Annamarie? You can also request her as a friend on Facebook through Annamarie Hewitt Chestnut. Monday, May 9! Let’s help her! A business this phenomenal deserves our support.

Now with sufficient carbohydrate intake to create coma part 2, I climbed into our little red beach car with my own version of the Pennsylvania farmland (my soft green blanket) and quickly became unaware of I 95 or any interstate for 2 delicious hours. Peace, music, rest – body feeding on the necessities of life that have been recently denied.

We progressed through Delaware, Maryland, Virginia through the casual conversation and sweet fellowship that 32 years of marriage has yielded. The miles distanced us from routine and brought us closer to our place of restoration.

The inky sky with twinkling stars welcomed us to the Outer Banks. Our anticipation of the symphony of crashing waves is heightened. We packed the car with everything we need to simply soak in this unspeakable beauty on the Atlantic Ocean. Who needs music now? Why even talk? On the shores of North Carolina, I am reminded that my Father says ‘Be still and KNOW that I am GOD.’


About Diary of a Changed Woman

Living a blessed life in Canada with my husband on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron. I work as a Human Resources consultant to small business. I love my family - our grandchildren are the loves of my life. I'm a change agent personally and professionally. Change is what I'm about - no matter what!
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One Response to In Search of Rest

  1. Amy says:

    Maybe I should check out Annamarie’s Place sometime? You should have asked me for directions to DD you silly, but I guess you wouldn’t have had such a yummy breakfast. Enjoy your time of peace and rest šŸ™‚

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