A Shout Out to John M. Marshall and Stephen Z. Adams

Better a little with righteousness than much gain with injustice. Proverbs 16:8

John M. Marshall (last known living in Bolton, ON) and Stephen Z. Adams (last known living on Brookshire Crescent, Thornhill, ON) really needed to commit this Bible verse to memory a long time ago. What do these two individuals have in common with Conrad Black? I can name a few things – but the one you might recognize is that Judge Amy St. Eve in Illinois District Court froze their (ASS)etS just like Conrad Black.

Why is this of any interest to me personally? In 2001, many disasters occured. The attacks on the World Trade Centre in NYC was the most memorable to this day, but on the economic front, the ‘dot bomb’ also happened. I happened to be working for the above named pair during that time. There were many employees who were with me in the trenches, hoping and praying that we would receive…a paycheck. Yup – that’s right – we were working for a company without pay. It was JCI. We were told quietly that the JC may stand for Jesus Christ. We were promised, given, and bounced with cheques, bonuses, everything. We brought toilet paper to work, shared food at lunch and generally tried to keep it running all the while crossing our fingers for the possibility this dubious duo will make good on their promises. On site Bible study prayer meetings were almost mandated. The hoped for success never happened. After 6 months of dashed hopes, the receiver was called and the monies catalogued and outstandings were recorded in a long sad list millions of dollars long with no chance of recovery.

Amazing how this duo seems to be joined at the hip when it comes to wreaking havoc in the lives of unwitting victims. In 2007-2009, another fresh-faced target group thought they were developing a TV station to rival BNN or any major business news network! (I’m stifling laughter here, though bittersweet). Does anyone remember Brookshire Raw Materials or DexTV? Yup, uh huh…yep heard that story too…any story you want to tell about these two – we’ve all heard it. Champagne wishes and caviar dreams. I’m sorry you’ve been hurt folks. Province of Ontario should have mandatory microchipping for repeat offenders who rip off innocent, hardworking, well meaning people. Amy St. Eve helped out with the frozen assets in the US. But will this stop them from the next thing? Doubt it. They will retrench, gather their minions and think up another scam and create disappointment and heartache for countless more people. At this point – tens of millions of dollars have been simply blown away at the hands of these two. For nothing. The rest of us really stupid people, continue to work every day, pay our bills, and obey the law. Life is quite peaceful when you don’t have to appear in Illinois District Court having your ASSetS frozen.

Google Stephen Z. Adams and John M. Marshall. The Star (www.thestar.com) also wrote the information in 2009. I appeared on CBC News telling my story (the link to it appears on my Facebook wall, just scroll down to Older Posts). See for yourself what the cast of the disenfranchised have to say about these two.

They’ve worked so hard to rip off millions with nothing to show for it – I wonder where they would be in their career today, if they simply worked honestly, ethically and hard? If you ever hear of these two – RUN…don’t look back…I was caught by them as were many other people. It taught me a very hard lesson.

God in His mercy restored me and provided for me. If the self proclaimed Christian and Jew would look to God and God alone for provision – HE would answer their call in the same measure of abundant mercy. My God is like that – longsuffering and good.


About Diary of a Changed Woman

Living a blessed life in Canada with my husband on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron. I work as a Human Resources consultant to small business. I love my family - our grandchildren are the loves of my life. I'm a change agent personally and professionally. Change is what I'm about - no matter what!
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15 Responses to A Shout Out to John M. Marshall and Stephen Z. Adams

    • Jayne Cogswell says:


      Thank you so much for this article regarding the pending sentencing of this pair. They have wreaked a lot of damage in the lives of many and deserve jail time.


  1. Chris says:

    Alison beat me to it – I’ve been following them for 10 years, not that I’m bitter or anything πŸ™‚ Sentencing should be interesting.

  2. Candace says:

    I’m wondering if anyone knows if Adam Stephen was sentenced?

  3. GSD says:

    I believe they were sentenced in July of 2011, but I can’t find the specifics.

  4. Apollyon says:

    I think they are in CI Moshannon Valley Federal Prison. Not 100% certain.
    John Marshall register number: 42616-424 release date: 08-19-2017
    Stephen Adams register number: 42615-424 release date: 06-14-2018

    Ages match

    That’s all I was able to determine.

  5. BP says:

    I was there very briefly as a consultant, and no the invoice wasn’t paid.
    I noticed a lot of warning signs, but I am shocked at what I just read.

    I was offered a “job” there but declined. Right now I feel like the person that missed the flight that crashed.

    The fireplace in the office was laying it on a bit thick, even for a con artist.

  6. Kim Hawes says:

    I am interested in finding information on John Marshall, specifically his date of birth. Is it known?

  7. Ahmed says:

    any update on these two ? i am wondering if we should follow up with Ministry of Labor on claims for salaries that werent paid

  8. Hume Bates says:

    WOW I was looking up up thing on JCI and found this…I also working for JCI ..I was one of the engineers in Hollywood ..in fact I was the last hanging in Hollywood hoping to get payed… I don’t know if you remember the conference call on Mon Sept 10 2001 telling use that we were all get payed in a week or two from 5 million of new funding coming in from Europe to Canada.. but the story was it was being cleared via the WTC on Tue Sept 10 2001 …

    In fact this is how I heard about 911, being on west coast I had not gotten up yet and John Marshall wife call me that morning to ask how I was doing ..I thought she was talking about not getting paid til she told me about the WTC attack …I remember JCI went under the next month in Oct. they owe me around 80k

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