The Best Laid Plans – Ottawa Day 1

It’s the beginning of September, school is about to start and these are the signals that it is time for our annual motorcycle trip to Ottawa. Why? We have ever so patient friends who indulge with us so that we can visit one of the most inspiring elderly couples I have ever met. They also happen to be RL2’s parents.

Our agreed upon location and time were in place – the weather was under God’s control – and with one extra large skinny vanilla latte (my treat of the week) – we were on to the 407 and headed on our journey, which is scheduled to includeThursday, Friday and Saturday.

Progressing eastbound through Toronto on the Thursday before the last long weekend in summer is no small feat. On motorcycles with a 70% chance of rain, even more so. It was an easy ride, pleasant and stress free. We paused for a stretch and press onto to a breakfast spot for conversation, coffee, comfort food. Filled and hopeful, we venture off the highway to a more scenic route.

More pausing and pondering, more riding and viola RL2 Seniors are expecting us with the garage door again. It’s like coming home. It’s familiar, comfortable and oh so welcoming. Hugs all around, find a chair and chill. Entertainment hour begins. You only have to listen. More than enough banter is issued between the RL2 Seniors.

They picked the restaurant. Chinese buffet sounds good to us – more motorcycling makes My Beloved very happy. It was a pleasant evening, as we were insulated from our phones. That created the final unfolding of events that were happening without our knowledge.

Once home, things began to happen. While speaking with our friend in Quebec who was recently bereaved, the cellphones started ringing. Mine, My Beloved’s, everyone’s – what on earth?

A child in care of a dear friend is ill. They need medical attention. Tomorrow’s trip to Quebec to touch base with our friend, post funeral has been momentarily sidelined while triage, game plan and event evaluation ensues. Quebec trip refocussed – what is really going to happen tonite and tomorrow? Who knows?

RL2 go to bed with 3 phones. My Beloved sinks into rest, looking forward to motorcycling to Quebec. As for me, I’ll rise and make pancakes. No moka making but perhaps a long walk to ponder my own circumstances – our friend in Quebec and the most life changing six weeks he has ever had in his family, our friends here in Ottawa and their ill child – what will happen and will they need to return? Our own life, much discussed on our 8 hour journey – now, retirement, what we think, what we dream. At the end of my walk, I imagine my conclusion will be consistent – the best laid plans can change in a moment – and we need to roll with it. Life is like the tide. It rolls in, it rolls out. Sometimes the tide brings good things – and sometimes the tide destroys everything – but no matter how we feel about it – the tide remains the same – it is up to us regarding how we adapt to it.


About Diary of a Changed Woman

Living a blessed life in Canada with my husband on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron. I work as a Human Resources consultant to small business. I love my family - our grandchildren are the loves of my life. I'm a change agent personally and professionally. Change is what I'm about - no matter what!
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