Our New York Connection Friends

We were introduced to this wonderful family through a work relocation and attendance at church. That was a long time ago (years). They have been faithful to the tasks God has placed before them. We have enjoyed their fellowship and friendship.

Through our couples Bible study we hatched a plan with them to see New York from their perspective. They’ve lived it, breathed it and worked in it their entire lives. How much better could an overpriced tour guide be? Not at all!

This would be our motorcycle’s 25th anniversary on the road and how better to celebrate that milestone than to travel historic route 6 in Pennsylvania and completely miss city traffic in order to ferry Long Island Sound to Long Island itself? We thought – awesome.

June 2010 – we plan a five day trip that will take us through much back country to Long Island and back again. However, the middle part (the yummy part of this vacation sandwich) was to spend some time with our New York Connection friends (NYC, for short).

They are gracious, kind, hospitable and patient ( I will explain this last descriptor, later). We stayed at the most wonderful motel (www.ExecutiveInnAtWoodbury.com) where everything was comfortable and so affordable during our sojourn on Long Island. This was with enough proximity to our friends who were lodging with family nearby. Pool, breakfast, clean room – what more could a biker wish?

The plan was Day 1 – the CITY (wonderful New York) and Day 2 – The Hamptons (just sounds ‘shishi’).
We were chauffeured into the CITY (New Yorkers say this, because they know what they mean – is there any other?) and this alone was a pleasure. Teens hungry and lots of good natured banter. It’s just a lot of ‘stuff’ to take in when you’ve more or less only seen it on TV. Points of interest discovered and then parking. Ever see the Seinfeld episode around parking? It’s a challenge not for the faint of heart. We fell into step behind the main friend-guide and we worked our aerobic capability for the next eight hours through the CITY. Amazing. Glorious. Exciting. Humbling. Some words to describe different venues we discovered. Battery Park. Central Park. Madison Avenue. World Trade Centre site under reconstruction. Woolworth Building. To all of it and the wonderful CITY – I say WOW!

But not to be diminished by all of it – our family of local friend-guides – engaging and ever so easy to be with on this day. We loved every minute – in the CITY – their CITY.

We returned back to our resting place for the night and looked forward to the trek to the outer part of Long Island known as The Hamptons.

Before this leg of the trip, we were invited by their family to come for breakfast. So lovely and warm. We enjoyed it immensely and it gave us the fuel to begin the day. Our next stop was visiting other family members who actually joined in the fun of the field trip. As bikers we had to take our mode of transportation and followed the SUV. It takes patience because bikers stop more, are a little slower and we are following. It was hot, but we weren’t complaining as its been a few years since we’ve had this kind of weather.

We headed out with a few stops along the way, including an ice cream cone across from the former site where the Barefoot Contessa was located ( I am the BIGGEST fan). We drove and chatted and hung out like old friends tend to do. It was simply so nice. So nice of them to give of themselves and their time and their resources so that we could visit them on the stomping grounds. So nice to see their family in its tenderness. So nice to be with ‘friends’.

We said goodbye at the ice cream zone as the next day we would be leaving and taking an extended drive back to Canada. We felt bonded to not only the fabulous four, but their extended family too. It was a special feeling and we’re grateful for the common experience.

I think this is a special moment in time when we receive a glimpse of Heaven and all the fellowship we will share. THANK YOU NYC for all the years of God’s goodness in our ministry and in our lives. We love you!


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Living a blessed life in Canada with my husband on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron. I work as a Human Resources consultant to small business. I love my family - our grandchildren are the loves of my life. I'm a change agent personally and professionally. Change is what I'm about - no matter what!
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One Response to Our New York Connection Friends

  1. Joanne Bauman says:

    We had a great time with you guys! It was a lot of fun and we can never get enough of NYC!

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