Motorcycle and Mercy Part 2 August 6, 2010

…the sun is up. Let’s get going. Little ‘coma’ ensues because of my Tuscan Canadian teddy bear. Finally we get up – start sorting and packing. He’s heading to the Harley shop with luggage today and on for a nice long drive, I hope. I am ever so hopeful we can retain the gorgeous PRADA boxes to adorn my humble closet shelves in Canada. My problem solving hero figures it out and I am so very, very happy that this frivolous detail of our travels can be done. With precision, he packs today’s possessions and loads the Harley to take advantage of Walter’s kind offer.

I perform my tasks of garbage disposal and Duddar bar regular (always by 9 A.M., let me assure you). Today three fresh pastries and some bread – plus I spied Italian potato chips for the ladies of leisure on this our last full day in the Tuscan country side. Our gastronomic efforts and inventory control deserve a Food Network show in and of itself. We scramble eggs and porketta for our men before we send them off to the Harley Speed Shop or the 50th Sudoku puzzle of the week. I also honorably mention the plotting of maps for tomorrow’s journey to where it all began – Firenze (Florence to all English speaking readers).

Tuscan hillside produces Tuscan clouds. Before I went to bed last night I hung out of the window many times providing status reports regarding clouds versus stars. Clouds were winning and we hoped against hope that our plans for lazing pool side or Firenze motor biking would not be sidetracked by the rain.

I spied Allesandro and we exchanged pleasantries about the restaurants, wines, and moka making we’ve experienced. As thought – he laughed out loud regarding our caffeine requirements. We discuss the business of closing up and move along.

Gucci was not deterred. She went poolside – first in clothes, then bathing suit. I help My Beloved and hover a little, then checking that the pool is 68 degrees (its been that way all week) I dive in. Many lengths back and forth.

My Beloved is ready and I encourage him to enjoy this last glorious day anyway he wishes. Mr.K2 heads to town (how country style is that) to exchange a book which had an English title, but the text in Deutsche (German). Gucci and I are lazing and Mr.K2 comes bearing the most luscious, creamy coffee gelato. Perfect timing.

In the background we have a symphony of sounds. Newly coiffed Nonna has some visitors – little children, their parents and an elderly lady – all thrilled to be reunited. There is the typical Italian child accoutrement – a ball and a dad playing happily. Musical Italian all around.

Then there are the Dutch holiday makers. The children come test the water with me and retreat. We hear ‘How Majestic is your Name’ floating through the air and stop and look at each other. ‘Small world’, Gucci says, ‘that’s two’ (meaning Christian families we have encountered in Italy).

So light and joyous is this little village. So alive. Like Tuscany. Peaceful. Settled. Happy, insulated. Very soon these Italian chapters will be finished. I have a feeling that this may be the case of the written diary because the stamp on my heart is indelible forever.

Our motorcycling passion has creatively pushed us to go many places. God’s mercy has planted us here and now. How grateful I am for this experience.

The afternoon passed by reading, swimming and napping. My ears perked when I heard the familiar roar of the Harley. Five o’clock! How can that be? Smiling motorcyclist had great success at the Harley shop and on the big ride ‘home’. We lazed a little more, heard thunder, watched clouds roll in and made tracks for shelter.

We had a delightful ride through Chianti to Greve. The turns and hills are becoming strangely familiar from just one week ago. Then, I was so tired of short turns, I couldn’t appreciate the Chianti hills at all.

The pizzeria in Greve was ready to receive those of us desiring one more Italian pizza. Many trattorias scoff when you ask for pizza. This place delivered skillfully. Our final night in Chianti. We’re rested and ready for the return of real life.

Pulling out of Greve at sunset – it was poignant. We saw our first beautiful Tuscan sunset and had to stop to photograph the sun casting its farewell rays upon the valley below. It is our newly discovered home away from home releasing us to our next journey.


About Diary of a Changed Woman

Living a blessed life in Canada with my husband on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron. I work as a Human Resources consultant to small business. I love my family - our grandchildren are the loves of my life. I'm a change agent personally and professionally. Change is what I'm about - no matter what!
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