Arrivederci Italy August 7, 2010

The morning began early with excitement and anticipation. The first leg of our return to life was about to begin. We had pressed pause for 10 delicious days and now its time to press start.

My body has been placed back in balance from the inside, out. Soul, Mind, Body. I need to capitalize on the running start and choose to do things that will ensure maintenance of this state. Up so early, even the Dudda bar hasn’t opened. I stalk the doors by taking not one but two loads of garbage to the rifuzziato.

I had made jam the night before with the leftover pears and nectarines, hoping to score fresh pastries to smear its golden sweetness.

K2 needed to leave Dudda before our scheduled time, so the bar, the car, and breakfast did not line up. They packed up and left leaving us to say goodbye. It was very emotional for me leaving my newfound country space. I bade Allesandro a fond farewell and walked through the now empty, echoey house just to place its peaceful hug firmly in my memory.

The blond kitty from next door made sure to stop by and say good bye. The Dutch were packing as well – looking forward to the next leg of their journey to Cinque Terre. I will admit – I was jealous. It evoked such beautiful memories now stored on the multiple gigabytes of my brain.

Dudda bar open – locals trickling by to have espresso and consume fresh pastries imported from Greve – nine kilometres away. I score two. My Beloved and I sat together and enjoyed every lick of the jam and some hot coffee – revelling in the accomplishments and wonder known as our trip to Itay.

We load the bike and with a flourish we’re off gliding through Chianti countryside one final time. Again, I felt emotional as I was saying goodbye to a dear friend, so precious the Italian countryside is to me.

My final ride through the Tuscan hills is like a concert encore. One more taste of the delectable enjoyment before it is completely finished. Roads now familiar, like a local – I feel strangely sad as I say goodbye to landmarks, villages and people I’ve grown to love so quickly.

On the ‘dartboard of life’ I hit the bullseye with this trip. The Facebook test couldn’t have been more accurate. I may not have made it to Rome, but Italy in general was one of the best trips in my life.

For all of you wine experts out there – here’s an insider tip – Chianti Classico 2005 is a year they are very proud of – so look for it to add to your collection.

The borgos on the ride to Firenze make me feel nostalgic, like I am leaving loved ones behind at every house. It’s Saturday and they are busy in their street markets, but on Sunday when all is quiet in Chianti, I know they will miss me too.

We journeyed through Blackball traffic (when Italians begin their month long summer vacation travels) to the Harley shop. On cue, Walter appeared. Helpful as ever. We unloaded, shared a couple of stories borne out of our newfound enthusiasm for all things Italian and before you could say ‘auto strada’, our cab pulled up to take us away to ‘new’ Florence and our hotel (

Unbelievably, our room was ready and we rested and read books. We poked around the Supermercato (grocery chain) for a few snacks and back for more napping.

We shared a final dinner with K2 and walked around ‘new’ Florence marvelling again at the beauty and our blessings. To say the trip was life changing would be understating it. My Beloved said his two words to describe the trip would be ‘smooth and sweet’. My two words are ‘molto bueno’ (said with intense enthusiasm).

Perhaps this pause in my life has given me pause to reflect on the important things – getting around to prioritizing and executing goals that have been shelved due to ______(who knows?). I feel energized, renewed and simply ready.

It took me three pens and one Italian diary to figure this out:
1) I miss my family.
2) I miss my life.

A full battery helped me to realize who I am and what I need to do. The diary has now born witness. My Beloved and I are excited to get back in the saddle and this time we don’t mean the motorcycle.

GOD has been beyond good and we will now take the energy and give it back to HIM.


About Diary of a Changed Woman

Living a blessed life in Canada with my husband on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron. I work as a Human Resources consultant to small business. I love my family - our grandchildren are the loves of my life. I'm a change agent personally and professionally. Change is what I'm about - no matter what!
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