Happy 60th Birthday Part 1 August 4, 2010

The morning for me started last night as we cozied and settled for another night’s rest. We chatted quietly about life and in particular about the love of our life – NJP. We looked at our timepiece (Blackberry), a rare occurance in Italy and calculated what time our precious grandson’s day it might be. Mid-day on his last full day of vacation with his dad. How we’ve missed him – how we look forward to a full blue eyed reunion and a big cuddle. We also plotted the morning’s activities as we have more luscious time to spend as we wish before exploring the offerings of Greve and celebrate Mr. K2. I encouraged my motorcycle enthusiast to enjoy another ride, but solo this time.

I hopped out of bed to begin moka making (I’ve discovered all secrets now) and make a light breakfast so he can embrace the day. Four mokas equals for four happy Canadians on a typical day. Six mokas equals a lazy morning for the remaining house mates and birthday celebrant once the Harley has departed.

More easy conversation, about memories and accomplishments. To celebrate a 60th birthday with the wife of your youth, wonderful children and the extraordinary blessing of grandchildren is simply the best life has to offer. Mr. K2 is a complicated myraid of emotion and economics. His emotion lead him to his beautiful wife, his economics built their beautiful life. His faithfulness to the tasks of family and work in many ways should be a template available for purchase at Chapters, for those serious about building families. So this day – when we are chaffeured to Greve and all it has to offer will be in celebration of Mr. K2 – his life, his wife, his offspring and 60 years of la vita dolce.

As our lazy morning continued, I sit writing this in the peaceful setting known as Le Ville i Cipressi, ‘Next door Nonna’ is in her pretty blue dress that I’ve observed she puts on just prior to leaving for morning errands. Lo and behold, a car pulls up and an amazing chorus of ‘ciao’s’ and plenty of double kissing ensues. Nonna is presented with a brilliant blue flower pot and her exuberance is heard loudly with more double kissing and high spirited Italian. Is it possible Mr. K2 is sharing his date of birth with our neighbour?

More quiet time, pool time and general lite conversation follows as we while the time away before the Harley returns for lunch. When you ‘ve been married for a long time your intuitive connection is overwhelmingly strong. I didn’t know the hour on the clock, but my heart started telling me it was time. My ears perked at possible Harleys approaching. Not long after this began, while doing Tuscan laundry, sure enough! Harley not Ducati approaching. Why is it after 31 years of marriage, can the motorcycle roaring up the driveway make me feel more excited? My Beloved is here safe and sound from yet another adventure on the twisties.

There is something particularly special when my beaming husband walks through the door resplendent in leather jacket and helmet. My heart melts at first glance and I’m so grateful he’s mine. ‘Still crazy after all these years’, the songwriter said. Very satisfied with his adventure of the day and very happy to be home.

Celebration all around. Our elderly neighbours and their family are raising glasses and thoroughly enjoying the noon meal. My house mates are showering and putting on special clothes for our day in Greve with the honoree. I am celebrating life. God’s goodness. Counting my blessings. With Mr. K2’s 60 years, we can add my 52 years, Gucci’s 53 years and My Beloved’s 53 years. 218 years of God’s grace and mercy under the same roof. That’s not as old as the Florentine Duomo, but its significance has had far reaching effects.


About Diary of a Changed Woman

Living a blessed life in Canada with my husband on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron. I work as a Human Resources consultant to small business. I love my family - our grandchildren are the loves of my life. I'm a change agent personally and professionally. Change is what I'm about - no matter what!
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