Moka Making Canadian Style (dedicated to Allesandro)

This is a brief note of victory regarding Internet shopping, Italy and our newfound passion for Italian coffee. Our villa manager, Allesandro, loaned me a coffee pot. Italians call the pot a ‘moka’. A moka is, from a practical point of view, a percolator. The bottom of the pot is meant to typically serve 6 people in Italy (it serves 1 caffeine addict in Canada, so don’t be fooled). After a week of over 40 pots of moka (yes – over 40, there were 4 of us in the villa), My Beloved and I fell in love with Italian coffee. During a rain respite in San Gimignano, we lurked in shops and I found a stainless steel beauty that pulled at my coffee-loving heartstrings. Alas, we’re on a motorcycle and we are already packing Prada and Pratesi.

Being the ever watchful Internet consumer, I read the box over to search for a website. I repeated it about 10 times to burn it in my brain, then notated it on my ever present paper outside the shop for follow-up (to know me is to appreciate the rules of follow-up – some things will not change!).

Day 1 of Canadian living without moka, forced my hand to the website with hopeful heart. What? Canadian distributor BENIX in Richmond Hill? Score! Benix is everywhere, right? On the way home from work – immediate stop at Heartland and purchased my stainless steel prize on the spot. Same price. Same lovely capacity for created liquid gold.

Thank you Allesandro for the three minute lesson in coffee that changed how I start my day!


About Diary of a Changed Woman

Living a blessed life in Canada with my husband on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron. I work as a Human Resources consultant to small business. I love my family - our grandchildren are the loves of my life. I'm a change agent personally and professionally. Change is what I'm about - no matter what!
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2 Responses to Moka Making Canadian Style (dedicated to Allesandro)

  1. avidwhistler says:

    A recent italian acquaintance of mine wrote a blog to inform her american friends (me) of the Moka! I went out immediately and purchased one. I tried it for the first time this morning, and love it so much. Can’t go back to regular coffee now! haha

    Loved reading your experience!

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